“It was a pleasure working with Mark. His enthusiasm is contagious and he successfully translates his SEO knowledge and the theory behind it into practical results. Working with and learning from Mark has given my writing skill-set an added dimension. He is a charming and effective communicator.”

Antionette Hoffland, Senior Content Producer at Shelter UK

“During my time working with Mark I found him to be knowledgeable, very approachable and a good eye for detail. He brought about tangible improvements within his area.”

Ron Chambers, Head of Systems, Kier Group Plc

“It was a pleasure to work with Mark and to have somebody who not only knows the subject area very well but who can be an advocate of SEO best practice and most importantly is able to demonstrate real-world results. Mark is knowledgeable and enthusiastic and has helped immeasurably to bring SEO to the forefront of consideration. The work he has done has impacted positively on web–related KPIs and I’m sure, amongst other things, he’ll continue to demonstrate the value of integrating search engine optimisation into content development and review.”

Guy C Morgan, Digital Analytics Consultant, Marks and Spencer

“Having worked with Mark on a number of projects, his SEO knowledge, enthusiasm, drive and application has been invaluable to their success. I have also seen at first hand the rankings and results he has consistently achieved and delivered, as well as the qualities he possesses to continually produce them.”

Malcolm Raymond, Digital Content Manager, International House