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Search Engine Optimisation

Mark speaks and exhibit at many business and digital expos throughout the UK and one thing visitors always ask him is – “So, what actually is SEO?” and the people that have already heard of SEO, a lot of them say something like “Ah, SEO is where you get words to the top of the Google thingy”. We just take it for granted that anyone who owns a website would already know what SEO is but that is definitely not the case and our explanation is to help you understand how we think about SEO!

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SEO Consultancy

Helping your company to drive new business forward.

Do you have the capacity within your company to take on new business but need a little direction as to the best way to achieve that through SEO and digital marketing efforts?

I find that many people who are looking for an SEO consultant, either want to recruit a new member of staff to join their existing digital marketing team or they are looking for a freelance SEO consultant to do the work as it is often a cheaper solution than working with an agency.

Let’s get one thing straight from the start. I’m not cheap and if you are looking for a full-time in-house SEO manager, you would have to offer me a six-figure salary as I value my skills and knowledge.

If however, you want to work with a highly experience SEO consultant to ensure your business goals are met, call me now on 01772 429 851. click here

SEO Training

Personal SEO Training
If you are looking for that personal touch, where you and your team will be trained on SEO techniques that are 100% tailored to your individual company – my personal SEO training is just what you need.

I find that no two companies are the same and the existing SEO and digital marketing knowledge of your team are never the same as another company. Because of this, I attend your offices and start by getting to know you and your team. Depending on that conversation, I tailor each day according to what your team needs to know in order to push forward with their individual job roles.
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